The SCF "ARTYMOR" is a modern shooting control system for Artillery Units Caliber 105 and 155 mm and Mortars 81 and 120 mm. SCF "ARTYMOR" considers the stages of deployment, location, detection, registration and planning of fires, calculations of fire, and the processes of observation, execution and adjustment of fires, definitively eliminating the use of "reference milestones" .

SCF “ARTYMOR” delivers solutions for the direction, control, coordination and execution of the shot by the Organic Units of the Artillery Groups, the independent Artillery Batteries and the Mortar Companies, as a result of the timely processing and resolution of the fire support requests and requirements requested by the Supported Units (Infantry, Armored Units, etc.), according to the defined fire priorities, the assigned missions and the fire orders of the respective Advanced Observers.

The SCF "ARTYMOR" automates all the processes required for the purpose described, including from detection to the beating of a target, based on the background of the tactical and technical doctrine in use in the respective force.


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