The SCM Mission Control System "AVIZOR" has been designed and produced, based on the experiences and performance of the systems that preceded it, to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the operators in air-exploration aircraft, fulfilling patrol functions, electronic warfare or tactical coordination, with accurate and timely information to plan, execute and control their missions.

The SCM AVIZOR, is a cost-effective system, designed to integrate a variety of sensors, weapons systems and other means in fixed-wing aircraft, with a clear graphic operation interface and standard information and symbology.

Its capabilities also include the integration of the data link system in various modes of transmission, which allows the total integration of one or more aircraft to a Force, the transfer and reception of the surface panorama to and from it, for the benefit of the actions of planning, coordination and conduct of operations.

The SCM AVIZOR has been conceived taking into account considerations of operational and technical flexibility, highlighting the simple and expedited capacity of reconfiguration of the screens in the various work stations that make up the SCM in the aircraft, its components, with COTS characteristics, are available before maintenance or replacement needs, and an open and modular architecture, which allows the expansion and integration of new systems or modernization, in cost / effective terms.

Relevant Features:

• It has the capacity to manage at least 500 tracks, 16 reference points, 63 bullas, 1 tactical grid, 15 geometric elements and 8 acquisition sectors.

• Presentation of tactical information on a high resolution screen, showing the tactical elements with relative or absolute movement, with a geographical point center of choice, with multiple calculation windows and commands.

• Presentation of raw radar video in 128 intensity levels, mixed in "underlay" with the synthetic video generated by graphic applications. The equivalent radius is 1024 pixels, with freeze, presentation and fade control.

• Pilot console with 12.1 "TFT LCD flat panel, installed on its dashboard, controlled by a trackball and an illuminated keyboard.

• Interfaces for 2 GPS receivers, for analog and digital inertial platform, for aerial data computer, for MAE equipment and for scanning radar, in the latter case including a control to a compressed pulse type radar.

• The SCM AVIZOR maintains in the service computer maps of interest, geometric elements, ELINT database, merchant ship panorama and tactical information.


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