EMMA: Incident Command System.
"All the information, for the best decision and timely action, when it is most needed"

The EMMA System allows the responsible Authority to be better prepared to face emergency situations, facilitating a more effective conduction of response actions towards the affected community, with the purpose of saving lives, protecting people, their property and the environment. ambient.

Purpose of the EMMA System

a. Support the Authority responsible for overcoming a crisis situation in the best decision-making.

b. Allow the application of action plans (task lists) against the occurrence of incidents.

c. Coordinate online and in real time with your own and third-party deployed media.

d. Allow collaborative work presenting in a Common Panorama the state of the crisis situation and media deployment.

e. Generate consolidated and personalized reports to show trends, produce reports of operations and others, with less use of administrative resources.

The EMMA System consists of three software applications that have been developed in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode:

1. EMMAserver: corresponds to a software application installed on a physical or virtual server in a cloud, or in Customer premises, and which allows information to be shared between computers and smartphones that operate EMMAdesktop and EMMAapps respectively. Similarly, it allows the exchange of messaging between stations and telephones.

2. EMMAdesktop: corresponds to the software application that operates on a notebook or desktop computer and is where all the capabilities and information contained in the system are available.

3. EMMAapps: corresponds to a software application that works on smartphones. This application allows you to receive and send information to the EMMAdesktop, as well as having the ability to automatically report your geographical position.

EMMA System architecture


EMMAdesktop application


EMMAapps application


EMMA System reports



a. Supports timely and informed decision making

b. Allows you to follow up on incidents and the personnel involved

c. Facilitates reporting

d. Short term for its implementation

e. Allows to be used for multiple use cases

F. Availability 7x24x365

g. Flexible, configurable and scalable

h. Integrable with other existing systems

i. Simple and easy to use

j. Permanent support.


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