Maritime Information System

The Maritime Information System is a modern computer system for monitoring and control of ships, which allows online information on ships located within an area of ​​maritime responsibility, and their own ships throughout the world, through of a geographic information system (GIS).

The system operates online, under a web platform, with connection to a central server and with remote connections from the centers that enter the information.

The system can be accessed from an intranet or by external agents from the Internet, so it has been developed for access from an internet browser. Workstations are made up of PCs with Windows operating system.

The objectives of the ship monitoring and control system are the following:

• Have a centralized online system with multiple remote access that allows monitoring of all ships in an area of ​​maritime responsibility and their own ships throughout the world.

• Have information entry modules related to the basic data of the ships, such as crew, passengers, characteristics of the cargo of the ships, positioning of the ships, etc.

• Have an integrated view of maritime activity based on the interaction with geo-referenced information plotted on digital cartography.

• Generate public reports and management reports.

The control of each ship is carried out continuously through surveillance and recognition through the following means:

• AIS, Automated Information System.

• Satellite positioning system for fishing vessels.

• Sensors to tow a ship during navigation (radars, cameras).

• QTH (Geographic Position Report).

• Aeromaritime exploration.

• Maritime Patrol.

The medium used for the transport of the data is a multi-service WAN (wide area network) network with national coverage, based on IP protocol. This network allows voice, data and video packet traffic, covering all ports and Maritime Traffic Control positions.

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