The Integrated Communications System ICS HERMES  allows the administration of internal and external communications media with a high degree of flexibility, availability and survivability.

Developed to cover the most advanced and varied requirements, on a modular architecture of digital components.

The ICS "HERMES", developed by SISDEF, can be installed in Command Centers and in maritime, air and land units, with configurations of 1 to more than 100 user stations and for all types of communications equipment (U / VHF, HF, Satellite, Cellular, Fixed Telephony, IP)



Internal Communications:

• Multipoint or conference (hot line) links between remote stations (20 simultaneous conferences).

• Point to point links between remote stations.

• Allows the integration of surveillance cameras and speaker systems (MC)

External Communications:

• Simultaneous access of remote stations to radio lines for ICS transceivers, receivers or transmitters.

• Digital isolation and F.O. of crosstalk and electromagnetic noise.

• Automatic relay between radios.

• Monitoring of audio line status of radios.

• Configuration of radio parameters, from central computer

• There are no single points of failure.

General Capabilities:

BIT system.

• Digital recording of communications lines

• Configurable Man / Machine interface with touchscreen and / or pushbuttons.

• Start of the network with parameters of the last valid configuration.

• Flexible design adaptable to any platform. System can be expanded to more than 1024 remote stations.

• Use of COTS components.

Terminal for a Command Center:


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