The C4I System "JUPITER" is a System that allows planning and conducting operations, appreciating and understanding the situation in an operating theater, adapting and taking advantage of its changes and evolution, selecting courses of action, issuing plans and orders, monitoring execution of operations and evaluate results.

In the same way, it allows the collection, processing, dissemination and protection of information to appreciate the situation that exists, as well as resolving, directing and coordinating the employment of the Dependent Forces in pursuit of a common objective.

Consequently, the C4I System "JUPITER" allows Operations Theater Commanders to extend their influence through the chain of command and available communications resources.

Relevant Features:

• Designed for planning, driving and controlling joint operations.

• Allows the deployment of information in a simple, complete and timely manner.

• Digital visualization supported by state-of-the-art cartographic systems.

• System integrable to any communication network.

• Secure, transportable and redundant command post.

• Ensures interoperability due to its open and flexible architecture.

• It helps reduce uncertainty, gathering relevant information about the environment and the state of the Forces, friends and enemies, transforming it into knowledge and understanding, for the proper use of them according to the situation of the theater of operations.


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