The Diesel Monitor Panel PDM-SP09 "NEUTRON", is the system in charge of the Control and Monitoring of Diesel Engines and Generators in Submarines Type 209 to allow the battery banks of the unit to be charged.

Includes monitoring and control equipment for Diesel Engines and Generators, gas discharge system, as well as for the supply of air through the induction mast in Snorkel Condition.

The equipment that makes up the new PDM System developed and offered by SISDEF Ltda., Ensures an improvement in the security and tightness of the unit, because the reaction times and performance of the digital logic are approximately 3 times less than those presented the analogous logic of the old systems, in addition to the incorporation of additional signals of critical variables for safety and tightness.

The PDM System is characterized by its redundancy which maximizes its possibilities of continuous operation, minimizing the possible system crashes due to eventual malfunction of any of its components.

Technical characteristics

• Multiplicity of Powers 115v / 60Hz, 115v / 400Hz, 180-330Vdc and backup per UPS unit 115v / 60Hz.

• Redundancy in Control, CPU, Power Sources and Communication Network.

• Redundancy in monitoring of electrical variables associated with Generators.

• Independence between Monitoring and Control systems (over 350 signals).

• Independent touch screens.

• Equipment suitable for use in submarine units.

• Germanischer Lloyd certified drivers.

• IP protection 44.

• Working conditions over 65 ° C and 95% Humidity not condensed.

Operational specifications

• Automatic Start-Stop of Diesel Machines. Individual, by bands and simultaneous.

• Strict security interlocks.

• Battery charge supervision through coupled generators.

• Monitoring of temperature parameters, pressure of Diesel Machines.

• Reports of parameter alarms out of range.

• Online graphic and historical signals.

• Safety criteria bypass in case of failure.

• Parameter Record Sheet.

• Allows maintenance of valves and solenoids of the Machines


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