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Septiembre 9, 2019

This September 9 culminated the bi-annual recertification process of SISDEF in the SICEP platform (Qualification System of Companies Provider of Goods and Services), an agency under the Association of Industrialists of Antofagasta (AIA), who in turn is the main business and industrial union of the II Region.
SICEP is an information system used by large-scale mining and industry for its processes of search, selection and permanent monitoring of suppliers of goods and services, regularly constituting a requirement to participate in tenders of large mining companies.
It is a pleasure to report the final result, in which we continue to maintain Category A as a company, noting that SISDEF has never dropped that rating since joining SICEP in 2010.

Always committed to our customers, the quality of our services and the security in our operations.


Parque Industrial Aconcagua
Camino Concón a Quintero Km.2

An ASMAR company