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September 2, 2019

SISDEF and EMERGENSYS carried out a functional demonstration of the automated dispatch and incident management system "E-CAD" and the integrated communications system ICS "HERMES", which together provide a complete solution for the administration and management of communications, resources and incidents for use in institutions that develop public safety functions and generally provide public and private services.

Attendees at the seminar had the opportunity to witness both systems in operation, by exposing various scenarios in which the capabilities of each of them were demonstrated.

We can highlight that the Integrated Communications System ICSn"HERMES", developed by SISDEF, allows the use of any means of communication without observance of type, brand or model in a single Operation Terminal. For its part, E-CAD, developed by EMERGENSYS, is operating in scalable configurations ranging from university complexes, airports, public institutions (Police, Fire, Ambulance) to the integration at national level of all agencies involved in security.

We appreciate the assistance and comments to each of those who participated


Integrated Communication System ICS HERMES

The ICS HERMES, developed by SISDEF, allows the administration of the media with a high degree of flexibility, availability and survivability. See more...



In EMERGENSYS we have developed a dispatch software that will not only help you in your operations, but also optimize your response time. See more...


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