The "POSEIDON" Mobile Maritime Control and Control System was designed to allow boats, aircraft and coast guard units, to receive maritime traffic information from the Maritime Geographic Information System that operates on land, and to integrate into an operating console of military characteristics, the information obtained by radar, AIS, GPS and by the unit's communications equipment. The system allows to share maritime information to carry out missions of:

• Identification and control of ships.

• Surveillance of strategic assets.

• Exclusive Economic Zone Control.

• Interception of drug trafficking.

• Piracy Control.

• Illegal immigration control.

• Inspection of ships, crew, passengers and cargo.

• Boarding operations.

• SAR operations.

• Disaster support.

System Capabilities:

• Automatic identification of ships through the AIS.

• Integration of radar contacts and GPS positioning system.

• Integration of satellite communications through Iridium.

• Integration of radio data communications in U / VHF band.

• Control of crew, passengers and cargo of the ships.

• Local database of license plate status, annotations, clearance authorizations, court orders and other ship parameters.

• Local database of registration status, history, boarding notice, court orders of the crew.

• Local databases can be loaded before departure via storage device or WIFI or L / WAN link.

• Consult the Coast Station Database, via satellite.

• S57 electronic letter display and raster with integrated panorama presenter.

• Support functions for electronic navigation.

• Online inspection report and unit effectiveness measurement system. (Inspections / day, Inspections / Miles, etc.).


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