The Combat Management System (CMS) SP21K ACCION was designed with the aim of optimizing the command and control capacity of a Force, supporting the efficient use of resources. In its production process SISDEF uses technology developed by the Company, based on COTS elements. An open and modular architecture is also applied, which allows new systems to be integrated, without the need to modify the entire System.

The CMS SP21K ACCION is a powerful force multiplier, which has been conceived to face the great challenges of the modern naval war, incorporating the experience obtained by SISDEF and the operators of the Chilean Navy for more than 15 years. The SP21K ACCION CMS corresponds to the fourth generation of Naval Control and Control Systems developed by SISDEF.


• Integration of Tactical and Platform Subsystems: The CMS SP21K ACCION integrates all sensors, weapons, means of deception and communications of the ship. Additionally, it incorporates the Integrated Bridge and Platform System.

• Data Link: The CMS SP21K ACCION includes the integration of Data Link SP100, for the benefit of planning, coordination and operation of operations at Force level. Additionally, you can integrate other Data Link systems such as Link-11.

• Automatic Aid for Operation: It has the ability to perform and present calculations, evaluations and automatic actions to facilitate decision making.

• Planning Capacity: The CMS SP21K ACCION has the capacity to formulate mission plans at the Unit or Strength level, and to track them, reporting the deviations detected with respect to the established plans.

• Simplicity and Ease of Operation: Friendly operation interface, with clear visualization of the graph, information and standard symbology, considering human ergonomic factors and arrangement of elements that allow to support the continuous and prolonged operation in environments of intense degree of activity and Accuracy needed

• Operational Safety: Backup of current tactical information, systematic monitoring of the system's functionalities, design interlocks in aspects of operational safety, visual and audible alarms of anomalous operation, and degraded mode operating capabilities.

Most Relevant Features:

• Modular and open architecture, distributed processing, strictly based on concepts of high availability, robustness and graceful system decay, both at HW and SW levels.

• System based on redundant network of high speed and availability.

• Use of common design elements in hardware and middleware, to facilitate maintenance, replacement and modernization needs.

• High-level applications decoupled from hardware and operating system details, through the use of interface middleware.

• Functionalities and MMI according to the doctrines, experience and preferences of each Client.

• Software design methodology according to military standards and modern software engineering principles.

• Intense reuse of proven software libraries in operating systems.


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