MD Sentinel

The MD Sentinel System, is a modern computer system for monitoring and controlling ships, which allows the detection and analysis of threats in the maritime domain, with the purpose of contributing to provide safety to navigation, protect human life at sea , preserve the aquatic environment, marine natural resources and supervise the activities carried out in the maritime field of jurisdiction by the Authority.

The large volume of national and international commercial exchange in the shipping sector, both in own and foreign jurisdictional waters, with millions of square kilometers and tens of thousands of vessels being transported every day, makes it difficult to detect crimes, environmental crimes, and even the activities of search and rescue.

MD Sentinel, through deterministic and artificial intelligence algorithms, analyzes the movement of vessels identifying potential risks, anticipating activities and establishing trends, which allows the Authority to make better and more timely operational decisions.

MD Sentinel is designed to apply the OODA cycle in its operation, so that at each stage it supports the activities indicated in the following figure:


Main capabilities



  1. Automatic detection of anomalous or suspicious behavior.
  2. Reduce investigation and incident analysis time.
  3. Improves control over the management of incidents in SAR operations, Illicit, national security and contingencies.
  4. Notifies world class alarms COSPAS, SSAS and others of the Client.
  5. It allows the adaptation of the system to problems to specific needs.
  6. Optimizes the employment of maritime intelligence specialists.
  7. Generate Executive Report.

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