The Steering and Propulsion Control Console "SEABASS" concentrates on a digitalized work station, consisting of modules, the control of government and propulsion of a submarine type 209-1400. It is used to control the course, depth and bubble of the vessel by operating on its rudder and bow and stern hydroplanes. At the same time it allows to act automatically on contactors and breakers of connection of batteries and electric motors of the propulsion system of the submarine.

Relevant Features

• Redundancy of the power control processor through PLC (Modular) elements.

• Two HMI (Human Machine Interface) units for manual or automatic operation and control.

• Two twin UPS units for electric power backup.

• Indications with digital instruments for each control plane in normal operation and similar instruments for operation in emergency mode.

• Redundancy of power supply. Up to 4 power networks, double power network 115V / 60Hz, double power network 115V / 400Hz and, optionally, 220 Vdc from battery power.

• Hydraulic circuit for emergency manual operation on Hydroplanes.

• Redundancy in digital and analog mode, for alarms and operation mode indicators

• Complies with the ergonomics standard MIL-STD1472F (Human Engineering) to provide the adequate workstation during long hours of operation, with the greatest amount of information available at the time required, with flexibility in presentation and different Work settings, accurately and safely.

The console has been fully developed in Chile. Its manufacture, at the SISDEF facilities, began in September 2007.

The installation and integration on board of Submarine Units was completed in May 2008 and in June 2009 it successfully completed all its operational tests at sea. This type of console, currently the first digital control system installed on board a Type 209 submarine, has been certified by the Germanischer Lloyd standard.


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