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SPK.MIL-1430 is a speaker designed and produced by SISDEF for Military and Industrial applications that operates in uncontrolled environments with high humidity, salinity, dust and vibration.

It includes an amplifier with audio input for computer and selectable connection of Headset or 5W speaker.

It is a perfect speaker for military, maritime, industrial and mining applications and is successfully operating in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Main features:

• Immune to electromagnetic noise, specially designed for aggressive radio frequency environments (HF, UHF and VHF transmissions, Radars, etc.)

• Waterproof to water jets at all angles (Weatherproof) IP 65.

• Built to last the entire life of a ship or vessel.

• Audio input and output levels for PC or IP phones.

• Includes handset connector and headset with PTT button: Push to Talk. Headset and handset sold separately.

• Volume control.

• Low cost


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