The "STRIKE" Helicopter Mission Control System, allows to coordinate and transfer tactical information between different units of a Task Force, provides the necessary tools to maintain a common tactical panorama between them and allows the trans-horizon designation of one or more whiter to other units.

The transfer of tactical information (panorama, messages, text and other data) between two or more Units of a Force, is done through its Data Link module, which allows establishing one or more communications networks that can operate in a way simultaneous by the bands of HF, VHF, UHF and satellite.

The STRIKE System allows to efficiently integrate additional equipment, such as kinematic sensors, radars, sonars, weapons systems and video cameras, thus enhancing their capabilities.

In its high-resolution graphic interface, the system concentrates and displays the tactical information entered by the operator along with that received via Data Link from other Units, in addition to the information acquired through the platform's sensors. The visualization of these elements is carried out on standard cartography selectable by the operator.

The interface (MMI) allows a simple and friendly operation, with a clear and timely display of information. For this, a careful selection of symbols and colors has been made, defining data display areas, appropriate for operation in low light environments.

Relevant Capabilities:

• Allows trans-horizon designation to other Units of the fleet of one or more specific targets.

• Provides the deployment and monitoring of anti-submarine search plans used by helicopters that have sonars of varying depth or equivalent.

• Allows integration to a wide range of communications equipment.

• Transfer of tactical information in the U-VHF, HF and satellite bands.

• Allows simultaneous transmission through different bands in ALE (Adaptive Link Establishment) and E / LOS (Extended Line of Sight) modes in HF; Polling, CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access) and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) in V-UHF; and satellite.

• Allows message encryption, priority management, error detection and correction.

• Allows the administration, deployment and transfer of messages, tracks, ESM broadcasts, reference points and geometric elements.

• Allows the deployment of alarms.

• It operates in extreme conditions and environments of vibration and temperature, complying with military standards.


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