The "TACFINDER" Battlefield Control and Control System is a family of Command and Control Systems for ground forces, available in different versions for Army combat units and Marine Corps units, and which has been tested in effective way in conditions of "combat stress," under demanding and harsh environmental and operating conditions, with excellent results.

BMS TACFINDER has the ability to geo-localize its own and adversary forces on digital cartography, military graphics, exchange of text messages, photographs and files and work on cartography of various formats; It also includes planning and conducting operations and actions in the operational and tactical field, respecting the doctrines, procedures and requirements of each particular client.

Relevant Features:

Flexibility: It has the ability to configure according to the mission and the magnitude of the Unit. Especially adaptable for training.

Scalable in time: It has the ability to continue growing over time to higher levels and to Subordinate Units.

Great performance: Consider the centralization of information in almost immediate time ("Just in time") which facilitates the decision-making of Commanders on the battlefield.

Modular Configuration: Its configuration by modules allows you the ability to work independently each of the applications you have.

Open Architecture: Allows the integration of other systems, through the development of ad-hoc interfaces that are incorporated into the system as required.

Portable: It can be installed on different hardware platforms according to the employment characteristics of each weapon and service.


TACFINDER has the following Modules:

Operations Module: Allows the commander of the combat unit to plan and conduct the planned tactical actions. It consists of the following sub-modules:

Planning Module: It allows to carry out the planning process of the missions and tasks, delivering the tools to construct graphic orders and the synchronization matrix.

Conduction Module: Allows the Commander to contrast the planning carried out with the actions effectively executed in the theater of operations.

Intelligence Module: Allows the registration, evaluation, dissemination and deployment of existing intelligence information at the level of the Own Forces, in text and photo format, when planning operations and actions.

Personnel Module: It allows keeping the relevant information of the personnel under your command updated, giving you tools to electronically generate the Parts of Forces with the Discharge Reports and the corresponding Replacement Orders.

Logistics Module: It allows the construction of the Normal Order Parts and the Extraordinary Order Parts of each Subordinate Unit, informing the state and the supply needs for each logistic item electronically

Communications Module: Allows the transmission and reception of data generated between the units assigned to the Command and Control system. It also allows the automatic and wireless integration of information from laser rangefinders and the integration of tactical radios from different providers.


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